Our staff wanted to make a list but we couldn’t decide. “10 surprises” or “10 fun things?” “10 head scratchers?”

Here, instead, are 10 fun facts that occasionally made us scratch our heads:

  1. People are losing their minds over the $10,000 price for the high-end Apple Edition Watch. It’s not as crazy as $75,000 golf clubs.
  2. W Hotels will let you unlock your room with your watch.
  3. Users of the iPhone 6 Plus won’t have to fumble their phones with one hand as much.
  4. The innovative magnetic MacBook charger is dying (and we aren’t happy).
  5. The new MacBook colors hint at the coming merging of the iPhone and Mac product lines.
  6. Performance bumps in the existing MacBook Air products are…wait…why is this on the list?
  7. The new “Force Touch” trackpad. Why? Convince us please, Apple.
  8. USB C will show up on PC laptops pretty quickly as they try to compete. Apple’s own Thunderbolt will fade.
  9. Third-party watch bands will be a huge market. As big as phone cases.
  10. The Watch will make driving, eating at restaurants and anything that previously involved phone-fueled distractions a little bit more complicated.

Let you know more after we go shopping the third of April.

Photo (c) 2015 Apple