Microsoft is releasing Windows 10, this summer (there won’t be a version 9).

As a surprise tactic, and a bit of a response to Apple’s recent operating system free-for-all, Windows 10 will be offered as a free upgrade for a year. For some people.

They haven’t been 100% transparent but we’re still some months off. Here is what we’ve culled from the press:

[kleo_icon icon=”smile” icon_size=””] Retail Buyers

If you bought your Windows 7 or Windows 8 and installed it yourself, you’ll get the upgrade to 10 for free. This is definite.

[kleo_icon icon=”frown” icon_size=””] Corporate Buyers

Have a volume license install? Bought through Microsoft on an enterprise plan? Sorry, VLSC users. No freebies.

[kleo_icon icon=”meh” icon_size=””] Buying a PC with Windows 7 or 8 on it?

You’re probably getting it for free. It’s pretty likely. You may need to run some updates first. This isn’t 100% confirmed yet though.

[kleo_icon icon=”anchor” icon_size=””] Vista and XP Users

Your old beast won’t be upgradeable at all. You’d have buy the full version of Windows 10 and wipe the thing. Congrats! You have a boat anchor.

The Windows 10 release date hasn’t been announced yet. When it is, we’ll keep you posted. For the curious, our primary systems are Macs. John is running the Windows 10 Beta in a virtual machine though. He likes it. The rest of our PCs are Windows 8.1 (though we make them look like 7 with StartIsBack).

Have a look: