Have you ever felt that the way we vote seems a bit dated? Granted, there are fancy new touchscreen kiosks that make the experience more “new-age” – but those are rigged – right? Regardless, the way in which we vote whether it be a touch-screen, bubble-circle, check-mark, punch-out, etc isn’t what needs fixing.

How do you know how a “Voting Yes on Question X” is going to affect your community and your state? How do you know that the president, senator, congressman or city official that receives your vote actually aligns with your personal ideals or community visions? The lines are blurry, it’s all hear-say, or what news station you follow, or who your friends are on social media that influence the way we make decisions, especially during voting season.

I’m not sure what the best medium for a solution to this problem would be at the moment, maybe an app, website or both it really doesn’t matter, but having a central place to find educated supporting and opposing articles/legislation on a states proposed bills, presidential candidates, congressmen, senators and city officials seems like a no-brainer.