2018 in Review: Some of Our Favorites

Our top five discoveries of 2018 includes the refreshed MacBook Air series and German messenger bags.

#5 – Luminar 3

Skylum Software (formerly MacPhun) has always been a photo editing juggernaut. In an era of bloated, subscription-only apps like Photoshop, their well-priced tools are a boon for quick, professional fixes. Luminar 3 added a ton of features including album browsing to leap over Lightroom for some photographers.

#4 – AmpliFi Wireless

Gone are the days where an Apple Airport was good enough for most homes. Many families these days are running 10-20 wireless devices at a time. As fans of Ubiquiti’s UniFi system in the corporate and hotel world, we’re happy to report that their new mesh for the home is a treat.

#3 – Apple Watch Series 4

The new Apple Watch didn’t seem like a major upgrade but it was. The screens are bigger, the display is better and the processor bump is really noticeable for original Watch owners.

#2 – 2018 MacBook Air and Pro

After reading numerous reviews, testing with clients and buying for our staff, we’ve come to the conclusion that, while deciding might be hard, your money is still well-spent on a $1500 Apple laptop. We like the iPad Pro but it’s not quite there yet for most workdays.

#1 – Bagjack Pogo

Our teams has traditionally earned Chrome Bags as company perks. They were US made, waterproof and durable. But as Chrome moved its manufacturing to China, we saw a drop in quality. Our search for bespoke bags that could handle our demanding teams ended in Germany. Incredibly tough and wildly customizable, Bagjack’s messenger bags were the surprise of 2018.