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Remote Support Engineer

Remote – Fulltime Position – No Agency, Direct Hire

Our team is used to working remotely (half of us do exclusively). Even before Covid-19, we blended onsite help with remote helpdesk. Happily, we’re seeing client growth and we’re looking for a mid-level support engineer to work directly with our SMB clients.  

Job Description

Remote IT support for our client base (server support, auditing, end-user support, pro-active maintenance and remote assistance). This position is based out of Portland, ME USA.

In general, this is a coordinated, higher-level position where you’ll bridge helpdesk and network engineers.

We’re mostly 9-5, M-F. We don’t do a lot of on-call or after-hours work (though we don’t discourage it).


  • Getting to know our client base. Learning their personalities and helping to make their technical lives happier.
  • Team coordination. We’re big into working together to hand things off based upon knowledge, personal experience and skillsets. 
  • Handling the influx of questions via our online tools. Our apps are geared toward friendly support, automation and collaboration. We use Slack, SyncroMSP, G Suite and other cloud apps.
  • Best practices and behind-the-scenes management for clients — working with their servers, networks and desktops to keep things running smoothly.
  • Managing documentation and reporting reliably. Our customers really trust us so we need to be diligent when it comes to noting things.


  • A good nature. Corporate clients look to us for plain explanations and the ability to translate technical mumbo jumbo into business-level English.
  • Experience with MSPs versus corporate IT is incredibly helpful.
  • Networking and server know-how.
  • Most of our clients are running on Windows (about 85%). We use Macs and support them–as well as mobile–but when it comes to servers and infrastructure, Windows is it.
  • Problem solving skills. We’re constantly working out-of-left-field stuff. It helps to have a mindset where you’re willing to adapt and learn quickly. Certifications, degrees…they’re useful for sure…but we’re not hung up on them. 

Quick Info


Technical Support Admin  

Pay Range


Time Zone

Eastern Standard, US

Expected Hire Date

June 2020

Perks of the Job

Competitive Salary

We offer pay that is based purely on client experience. We push increases quickly and bonus happily. We pay for personal time and holidays. We always compensate for above and beyond!


Our plan covers insurance in the New England area. If you’re outside of that, we might have other solutions including co-pays and reimbursements.

Unlimited Time Off

Our team members work in a collaborative atmosphere. We don’t live by metrics. In additiona to paid vacation, we also offer flexible time off for life.

Paid Vacation

We offer increasing amounts of vacation time based upon tenure. After 90 days, all employees start with two weeks of paid vacation. After the first year, we expand on performance.

Mac Equipment

We provide all employees with MacBooks. As a blended Mac/PC company, we’re keen to focus on security and train users for a BYOD support experience.

Employee Perks

We offer a range of unique perks to employees including a corporate Uber/Lyft account, online benefits, travel opportunities and LiquidDeath water.

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