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  • Why Does the US Lag Behind in Fiber?

    Fiber optic deployment in the US lags behind many other countries. Current estimates show about only 24% of the US is serviced by fiber. Our Portland, Maine HQ is in a state that is typically ranked in the bottom when it comes to broadband availability. Why are we so behind (except for you, Rhode Island, good on […]

  • We Support Girls Who Code

    “Computing skills are the most sought-after in the US job market, with demand growing 3X the national average. Computing is where the jobs are — and where they will be in the future — and yet our girls are being left behind. Girls Who Code’s recent #CracktheCode research report shows that if we act now, […]

  • Archaic Voting

    Have you ever felt that the way we vote seems a bit dated? Granted, there are fancy new touchscreen kiosks that make the experience more “new-age” – but those are rigged – right? Regardless, the way in which we vote whether it be a touch-screen, bubble-circle, check-mark, punch-out, etc isn’t what needs fixing. How do […]

  • We Are OK

    All of us–our friends, our clients and our employees–are tremendously sad but safe.  A big thank you to everyone for checking in. The Niçois have a profoundly resilient history.

  • Windows 10 Revert to Windows 7?

    “I’m going to chuck this thing in the river” – Actual Client Quote Things were working fine. Then one morning, everything went to hell. At the end of July, Microsoft will be ending its controversial, semi-forced upgrade to Windows 10 for eligible users. Over the last year, we’ve spent a lot of time warding off […]

  • Best iPhone Email Apps

    Apple’s phones have always had an integrated email app (remember when they didn’t have copy and paste?). Solid but lacking features of commercial alternatives. Boring, basically.

  • Our office manager is…

    …horribly lazy.

  • Bad Day at The Office

    For now, we’ve moved all meetings to the coffee shop next door. Anyone have a spare room? NOTE: This was an April Fools day joke. We didn’t actually get evicted. NOTE 2: We even went so far as to change the locks.  

  • Our Traditional Saint Patrick’s Workday

    Years ago we started the tradition of moving our office to The Snug for the holiday. 2016 is no different. Feel free to stop by.

  • Tech News. Dec 2015.

    We’ve put together a list of news items that we found curious these last few weeks. Apple TV The new interface is needlessly cumbersome and they are prone to the blinking white light of doom (it doesn’t include the USB Type C cable you need to unbrick it). Open your Apple Store app and guess what? No choice to schedule a […]