What We Do

Your business can't run on jargon.

Our small business clients rely on us for desktop support, networking, servers and websites. We help a wide-range of clients, from a few PCs to multi-office networks. Hotels, restaurants, non-profits, shops, financial and legal firms, real estate…over 260 diverse clients.

Small businesses have varying IT needs and our expertise helps keep expenses in-line with your changing goals. Our curiously quick response times improve productivity.

Most of all, we spare you the doublespeak.

Troubleshooting at your office. Building at ours.

In our office, some of our staff might be polishing a WordPress site while another is recovering data from a dead PC. At a client site, someone might be configuring a Quickbooks server while another is removing malware from a laptop. Tomorrow? Maybe installing some wireless access points at a hotel or sitting in on a budget meeting when the projector dies (doubleshot!).

Simplicity is huge for us. We consider your business processes first. We weigh security risks and options, create disaster recovery plans and build in redundancy. We focus on securing your data and communications. PCI and HIPAA compliance simplified? No problem.

We use the word “we” because that how’s we think: like an employee would.

6 things that make us different.

  • No service contracts needed
  • Dedicated managers for an in-house experience
  • Zero sales staff
  • Absurdly fast response times
  • Widely experienced teams
  • Low client to tech ratio
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