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  • Play with a 1991 Mac Online

    Thanks to a tip by John Gruber, we’ve been playing around with an online version of a Mac from 1991. Back then: The Mac OS was mostly black and white You had to click and hold the mouse button to select anything The OS came on 15 floppy discs or, for the first time, a CD […]

  • Antivirus Review 2015

    A number of websites offer exhaustive tests on antivirus and endpoint security effectiveness. AV-Comparitives–known for their unbiased approach to reporting–is one of our favorites. They even review other testing sites. Our tests are completely, in contrast, are completely biased. They’re based upon our real world experience with Macs and PCs and they may not jive with […]

  • 5 Free Websites You Should Be Using

    Some of our favorite web services are utterly free (though you might have to cope with an ad or two). Here are five solutions that we use everyday, from photo editing to PDF creation to text editing. While not as powerful as their pricey counterparts, these freebies are great for the tasks that you rarely do. Faxing, […]