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  • Secure Passwords

    Okay. I think we’re good.

  • In Our Neighborhood: Salon Lavender

    We recently had the pleasure of working on a wireless project for our new neighbor, Salon Lavender. As they mention on their Facebook page, “Lavender is a botanical, holistic salon providing quality hair care and color through one-on-one, customized experiences.” Laurel and Andrew have put a lot of work into the space and it looks […]

  • What Happened to Our Facebook Page?

    Years ago, we didn’t have a Facebook page. In 2017, we started an experiment. Basically, we wanted to research the traffic type and influence that Facebook had on our business. As a security driven company, this was risky. The goal was simple: see if, within 12 months, what appreciable change Facebook had (positive or negative). […]

  • Dropbox Rebrands. Google Rebuilds.

    Good news, business users. Dropbox and Google Drive are finally competing on cloud file sync. Back in April of 2016, Dropbox posted this “A Revolutionary New Way to Access All Your Files.” It was a first look at their “Project Infinite” which touted the ability to access all of your files stored in the cloud without […]

  • Smishing: It’s Phishing for Your Phone.

    Next time you get an SMS, you might want to think twice before clicking a link in it. SMS-based phishing has been on the uptick. It’s email brethren often hits your spam filter but who’s filtering your text messages? Smishing often takes the form of an official looking password reset, account notification or security alert. […]

  • Boost Your iPhone’s Privacy

    The fine folks at the DuckDuckGo Twitter account posted a great guide to iPhone security practices. The infographic covers basic common sense steps you can take to protect your privacy, along with some tips for more advanced and pro active security. DuckDuckGo is one of the most popular search engines for the privacy minded user, […]

  • New Company Car

    Our VW Jetta isn’t cutting it lately so we’ve been searching for an iconic vehicle to represent us. Waiting on a site visit by one of out team members? Did we say 15 minutes? Please be patient as our acquisition–while it may have a distinctive paint job–possesses the engine of a lawnmower.

  • Cinco de Mayo

    We celebrated in the best way we could think of: attending the soft opening of Portland food truck El Corazon’s new restaurant.

  • Play with a 1991 Mac Online

    Thanks to a tip by John Gruber, we’ve been playing around with an online version of a Mac from 1991. Back then: The Mac OS was mostly black and white You had to click and hold the mouse button to select anything The OS came on 15 floppy discs or, for the first time, a CD […]

  • Why Does the US Lag Behind in Fiber?

    Fiber optic deployment in the US lags behind many other countries. Current estimates show about only 24% of the US is serviced by fiber. Our Portland, Maine HQ is in a state that is typically ranked in the bottom when it comes to broadband availability. Why are we so behind (except for you, Rhode Island, good on […]

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