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Remote Users and Security Updates

With everyone settling into work from their home digs, it’s important to make sure that the attitudes surrounding good computer security aren’t falling by the wayside.

Top 5 Five Tips for Coronavirus IT

As a 100% cloud based company, we have a long history of helping clients transition to remote work. Over the last month, we've supported hundreds of users who were suddenly working from home. For many, it was easy. They had the tools with them, on their own devices....

Coronavirus IT Update – Remote Workers and Covid-19

Coronavirus: what have learned these first few weeks.

Best Antivirus Software of 2019

Consumer antivirus might work but it's difficult to manage. We are big fans of centrally managed security software for even the smallest of businesses. It gives us an opportunity to centralise policies for clients, push out updates and review security issues as they...
Secure Passwords

Secure Passwords

Okay. I think we're good. If you'd like to give your passwords are checkup, the cloud password management company Dashlane has a fun site...