Online Project Management with Podio

It’s always easier to explain with pictures.

Whenever someone asks me to define “the cloud,” I usually pull up our Podio site. It’s a 100% cloud-driven world that links our projects and client details together. It’s simple interface and obvious flexibility are easy for novices to grasp.

Podio is a collaborative project management tool that’s been around for five years now. Citrix bought it a few years ago and it’s well-funded with a diverse client base.

For you corporate types, Podio’s ancestors will be obvious: Microsoft SharePoint and Lotus Notes. Its flexibility defies those roots though. It’s Facebook with an infinitely tweakable database behind it. Online project management with Podio feels instantly familiar.

Want to share and discuss a file with a coworker? No email needed. Need to add a new contact field for birthdays? It takes less than ten seconds. Starting a big project with a contractor? A new workspace is up and shared with them in a few minutes (no additional cost). Documents, contacts, chats, tasks…it all goes in Podio.

We are developers as well as users so we can jumpstart your team. We rarely resell products but Podio is one of the exceptions. It’s that badass.

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