New Year. New Service. More Cats.

We’re always looking for ways to speed up websites but people love eye candy. And cats doing crazy things.

Adding features bogs websites down. So we asked ourselves–aloud, in a public square–What if we started with the cleanest slate possible? In December, we spent three weeks testing the most performance driven hosting platform we could make. Dozens of providers and hundreds of blown away installs later, we finally found something that we liked. Then we put it to work. The end result was a customized server build that could deliver content at roughly 10x the speed of a stock install.

Now we’re using that knowledge to drive some of our newest projects. When you couple it with our shiny new low-cost, managed-by-a-human web service, it’s looking to be a fun 2015 (if, for example, you need to deliver a large volume of whacky cat GIFs to your customers).


Yeah. Like that.

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