TKC Announces New CEO

As we’ve grown, we’ve found that we needed fresh direction and coordination. Today, we are happy to announce our new CEO, Jerry McLusky.

Jerry comes to TKC from several Silicon Valley startups after a recent move to Maine. Jerry’s focus is on “top-down, old-school management,” as he calls it. “I come from a strong business management background at DEC and IBM. Worked my way up after years in the US Marines. My goal is to buck the trend of IT startups that lack hierarchical management and focus on wringing what I can from employee performance.”

Jerry’s most recent venture, InitoPRO, was sold to Pine Tree Partners Capital for $3M in February 2015. Prior to that, Jerry was CIO and CFO at Ruga LLC in San Francisco. Ruga was a developer of SQL analysis engines for mid-tier solutions.

“Ruga was a mess when I came in. I left it a better place. Same thing with InitoPRO. We cut waste, removed costly perks and put our noses to the grindstones. The result was a 200% increase in profit. I look forward to bringing this kind of forward-thinking management to TKC.”

Jerry lives in Portland’s East End with his two cats, Sammy and Frank. In his free time he enjoys reading management books and volunteering at career training programs for underprivileged youth.

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