Should We Be “On The Cloud?”

We create new ways for our clients to access information from offices, airports and homes.

We do this by connecting cloud services with more traditional office IT software (yeah, we’re looking at you Quickbooks Enterprise). We can bridge apps that were never meant to be on the cloud with apps that truly were. We can also craft connections between cloud providers to share data seamlessly.

Need to get your customer data into your accounting software automatically? Need to connect your sales data with your website? We can connect all sorts of things.

There’s always the question though: “will this actually help our business?” To answer this, we have created a cheat sheet. Answer yes to more than three of these and you might benefit from a cloud makeover.

1. “We work from more than one place.”
You and your employees want to travel, visit clients or work from home but accessing office data is a chore.

2. “Everybody wants to use different devices.”
Phone, tablet and laptop preferences abound. You have a hard time getting all of your systems to work flawlessly.

3. “Tasks feel cumbersome.”
Basic business tasks like entering bills or invoicing customers seem to be too manual. There must be a better way.

4. “We don’t know if our data is safe.”
You have some backups but you don’t think you have everything. You aren’t sure how you get things running if a certain computer had issues.

5. “We would like to have less equipment.”
Giant servers and old desktop machines haunt you. Streamlining sounds great but you’re not sure where to start.

How’d you do? If you answered yes to only one, you’re probably okay where you are. Two and three, we should start talking. More than three? We have some solid opportunities here to make your business hum.

Need a bit coaching? We can help. Call us or email your questions to [email protected].

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