Beware of Fake Support

CEO scams, phishing emails, fake texts…the companies that we work with are always on the lookout.

But managed service providers can be part of the problem. We’ve been diligent about letting users know but it pays to reinforce a couple of our rules. These are the things that we’ll never do.

  1. We’ll never email, message or call you to ask for access to your PC. This is because we have an established protocol with each client. We won’t contact your users for access.
  2. We don’t send remote support links. All of our services use a special protocol that allows us to contact you and request access. We won’t ever send a link asking you install software.
  3. Check the email address. Our systems are protected and our employees will never contact you via a personal or other email address. If the email domain isn’t ours, it’s not real.
  4. Doublecheck with us. If you receive a message from us and you’re not sure if it’s legitimate, call your primary contact and verify the information first.
  5. Emails from us. We will never send you links to webpages. Ever. If you get a page that points to Microsoft or Google login, it’s not real. All of our information sharing is done through established systems and we’d never ask for your email password to authenticate.

Any questions? Contact your favorite tech directly. 🙂

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