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  • Smishing: It’s Phishing for Your Phone.

    Next time you get an SMS, you might want to think twice before clicking a link in it. SMS-based phishing has been on the uptick. It’s email brethren often hits your spam filter but who’s filtering your text messages? Smishing often takes the form of an official looking password reset, account notification or security alert. […]

  • Should We Be “On The Cloud?”

    We create new ways for our clients to access information from offices, airports and homes. We do this by connecting cloud services with more traditional office IT software (yeah, we’re looking at you Quickbooks Enterprise). We can bridge apps that were never meant to be on the cloud with apps that truly were. We can also craft connections between cloud […]

  • iPhone 6 vs 6 Plus: Pick One?

    iPhone users might be having a hard time deciding. Is it too big? We have a chart that can help.