What Happened to Our Facebook Page?

Years ago, we didn’t have a Facebook page.

In 2017, we started an experiment. Basically, we wanted to research the traffic type and influence that Facebook had on our business. As a security driven company, this was risky. The goal was simple: see if, within 12 months, what appreciable change Facebook had (positive or negative).

We were prepared to document the results. What we were not prepared for:

  1. In 2018, the events with Cambridge Analytica would prove that our initial suspicions regarding data security and integrity were correct.
  2. Advertising directly affected website traffic but mostly in a deceptive way. It was obvious that the numbers were driven primarily by bots.
  3. Engagement on the Facebook platform was guided solely by existing friends and employees (all awesome people!).

Well, time’s up. The Facebook page is down. We saw zero benefit from the Facebook business model. If anything, the traffic generated seemed to be noise. Primarily though, as a company with compliance concerns, we had serious concerns that we weren’t able to allay.

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