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  • Our Traditional Saint Patrick’s Workday

    Years ago we started the tradition of moving our office to The Snug for the holiday. 2016 is no different. Feel free to stop by.

  • Tech News. Dec 2015.

    We’ve put together a list of news items that we found curious these last few weeks. Apple TV The new interface is needlessly cumbersome and they are prone to the blinking white light of doom (it doesn’t include the USB Type C cable you need to unbrick it). Open your Apple Store app and guess what? No choice to schedule a […]

  • Antivirus Review 2015

    A number of websites offer exhaustive tests on antivirus and endpoint security effectiveness. AV-Comparitives–known for their unbiased approach to reporting–is one of our favorites. They even review other testing sites. Our tests are completely, in contrast, are completely biased. They’re based upon our real world experience with Macs and PCs and they may not jive with […]

  • Surface Pro 4 vs Surface Book?

    Yesterday, Microsoft announced an update to their Surface Pro lineup as well as a laptop/tablet hybrid, the Surface Book. Business users who need Windows are already asking about these. Our Surface Pro 3 users have been mostly happy. Here is a solid hands-on from Ars Technica on Microsoft’s first viable laptop. The Surface Book is […]

  • A Beginner’s Guide to Malware

    Spyware. Malware. Ransomware. There are a lot of different names for viruses today. Let’s start with the terms. Spyware Spyware is a creepy virus that is designed to pull information from your computer. Spyware is designed to run on your computer without your knowledge. Sometimes it will masquerade as a “beneficial” software (you get the weather in your browser and […]

  • We Took the Afternoon Off

    Some teams build up camaraderie with ropes courses and afterwork shindigs. Not us. We build it by watching beer ferment. Recently, we shut down for the afternoon to get a behind the scenes tour of one of Maine’s favorite breweries, Allagash. Rob Tod’s creation is celebrating its 20th anniversary and in that time, Allagash White has […]

  • Google Apps for Work. Small Business.

    Our business runs on Google Apps for Work. Well. At least our email. We have a soft spot for the stability and simplicity of the platform even though we work with Office 365 almost equally. We don’t spend a lot of time editing and sharing documents in Google Apps. It doesn’t suit our model and use […]

  • Should We Be “On The Cloud?”

    We create new ways for our clients to access information from offices, airports and homes. We do this by connecting cloud services with more traditional office IT software (yeah, we’re looking at you Quickbooks Enterprise). We can bridge apps that were never meant to be on the cloud with apps that truly were. We can also craft connections between cloud […]

  • 5 Free Websites You Should Be Using

    Some of our favorite web services are utterly free (though you might have to cope with an ad or two). Here are five solutions that we use everyday, from photo editing to PDF creation to text editing. While not as powerful as their pricey counterparts, these freebies are great for the tasks that you rarely do. Faxing, […]

  • TKC Announces New CEO

    As we’ve grown, we’ve found that we needed fresh direction and coordination. Today, we are happy to announce our new CEO, Jerry McLusky. Jerry comes to TKC from several Silicon Valley startups after a recent move to Maine. Jerry’s focus is on “top-down, old-school management,” as he calls it. “I come from a strong business […]

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