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Beware of Fake Support

CEO scams, phishing emails, fake texts...the companies that we work with are always on the lookout. But managed service providers can be part of the problem. We've been diligent about letting users know but it pays to reinforce a couple of our rules. These are the...

Cybersecurity: 5 Weaknesses That Hackers Exploit

NOT AS EASY AS "SET IT AND FORGET IT" Keeping your business safe isn't a one-time thing and it's not just a matter of adding firewalls and antivirus software. Cybercriminals take advantage of all sorts of vulnerabilities in your company. Some are digital. Some are...

Remote Users and Security Updates

With everyone settling into work from their home digs, it’s important to make sure that the attitudes surrounding good computer security aren’t falling by the wayside.

Top 5 Five Tips for Coronavirus IT

As a 100% cloud based company, we have a long history of helping clients transition to remote work. Over the last month, we've supported hundreds of users who were suddenly working from home. For many, it was easy. They had the tools with them, on their own devices....
Holiday Schedule for TKC

Holiday Schedule for TKC

Hi all. Our offices will be closed Dec 24th through the 26th. Back in on the 29th. Emergency staff is still available (though they may...

Online Project Management with Podio

Online Project Management with Podio

Podio is a cloud-based project management tool that we use and adore. It’s like Facebook for projects (though you could still share your funny cat GIFs and baby photos if you wanted to).

New Site, New Blog

New Site, New Blog

We decided that it was time to put up a little something about our company.